A very late celebration of left handers’ day!

So, this girl missed the announcement that International Left Handers’ Day was a few days ago. I have the writer’s bump on my left middle finger to prove I’m left-handed, but I forgot to celebrate. As there seems to be a day or week for just about everything–running day, canoe day, pancake day, Elvis week–I think I just lost it in my left-handed calendar shuffle.

Oh, well. I am all about extending the party, so let’s celebrate left with some of the phrases and meanings that go beyond handedness. And there will be absolutely no political references in this post, baby.

Thumb: Leftovers – It means I have something to eat for dinner without a lot of extra work. It means that there’s a food I love, that I made enough of, to be able to enjoy it again. I find comfort in that. Some things taste better the second time around.

Pointer finger: Left behind Usually this seems to indicate that fun is going on somewhere else, like someone else is attending a party or going on a trip without me. I vote for creating our own left behind fun. I think it’s good to slow down and find something that would have been missed in the rush.

Middle finger: Left in a lurch – Again, this is a phrase that connotes something negative. If you’ve ever been left in a lurch, it might be frightening, but it might also be exciting and challenging! Maybe there’s a chance for us to discover skills or talents we didn’t even know we possessed.

Ring finger: On your left – This saying is shouted a lot when people are passing each other when running or biking on a path. We tend to pass each other on the left, similar to how we drive (at least where folks drive on the right). It’s courteous and indicates one is looking out for others. Right now I’m not passing anyone in my occasional wanderings, but I look forward to being able to use this phrase again soon.

Pinky finger: Out of left field – I am pretty sure this is a baseball reference and I know it means that something is unexpected. It could be a surprise! Instead of surprise party, you could have an out of left field party! It’s an opportunity to view things in a different way. Perhaps we can make a decision or pursue things with a different approach, a new intention.

I’m going to go eat some leftovers, while pondering a new direction on my left. I will take comfort in a different path because something came out of left field. If we get left behind, we will stick together. Together, we won’t be left in a lurch. Grab a hand and hold on! Happy day, indeed!


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