Photos: Grain Silos in Boulder County

I have loved silos since I was little while playing with a wee-ones farm set, complete with barn and silo. In Boulder County, Colorado, where I live, there are a number of homes and small farms with still-standing silos, even if they are no longer used to store grain or silage. This past Sunday was a beautiful fall day, so I got up early, filled a thermos with coffee, grabbed my camera bag, and took off for a few hours of driving around and taking photos. Photography, thanks to the purchase of a digital camera five years ago, is still a fairly new hobby to me. It’s fun to take pictures, to try for artsy camera angles, and to just plain “mess around” with the camera. This past year, I bought a new zoom lens and I’m still experimenting. I love that digital photography lowers the ante, and that I don’t have to commit to an image on film. I can experiment with the odds of multiple shots, and hope that at least one picture will turn out better than expected.

The following images, while maybe not the best shots, are some of the most interesting ones to me. Cheers to fall! Cheers to grain silos!91 89 87 81 76 69 58 57 55 51 48 45 37 33 31 24 20 16 94

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