1. First, I liked your photograph of open sagebrush. Its a vivid reminder of the open west.

    I went online and gathered some background on Thoreau’s wisdom-practical discernment regarding loneliness. I wrote down what I garnered the most from that analysis.

    I) He believed that a vast majority of people are terribly lonely, even in crowded rooms, large gatherings, or big cities.
    II) He asserted that we are most alone in a crowd because we lose the company of ourselves. Without a sense of ourselves, we cannot form authentic attachments with others. Hence, we have a minimal qty. of friends.
    iii) Thoreau’s existence at Walden Pond is an attempt to recover an authentic sense of his true identity.
    iv) Thoreau is an independent spirit but no hermit.
    v) His book-“Walden” is not a lonely one but is inundated with jovial characters and conversations.
    vi) With his potent sense of self, Thoreau becomes a part of that jovial company.

    These explanations do make some decent logic. I belong to the Association of Mental Health Librarians (mhlib.org) and I have come to the conclusion that loneliness is a natural phenomenon of the humanoid existence. A significant qty. of married individuals are of the opinion that when loneliness visits them that their conjugal relationship is nearing the rocks-nonsense. Loneliness is just a natural function of the human existence-single or married. When loneliness visits us, we need to not allow our sweat glands to move into an overdrive mode but hunker-down with an affirmative mindset. Easier said (“yes”) than done but readily attainable should we apply ourselves-single or married.

    1. Indeed, there is a big difference between alone and lonely. I have read just about everything Thoreau has ever written and love his mind, writing, and work. I took the picture near Socorro, NM in mid-February. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Kary
    Keep them good blogs coming. Commentating on them adds depth to my social existence. Yes, you are very correct that there exist a significant difference between being alone and loneliness.

    Have a good one ! The Lord’s blessings on you!

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