1. The photograph speaks well of the magnificence of the New Mexico Mountains. This picture brings to mind two songs’ by the late country music performer Marty Robbins- “El Paso” and “El Paso City”. “El Paso” became a classic in the 1960s and remains one. “El Paso City” was released in 1976-the yr. I graduated from secondary education. Every time I hear “El Paso City” my high school days come to mind-the song never ages.

    You take photographs well. From your previous posts, you have presented some very moving photographs of the western landscape. Keep those good pictures coming.

    Have a good one!

    1. Thanks! The beauty of the landscape makes it easy to take good pictures! The beauty of digital photography is the ability to take multiple pictures and not worry about the expense of wasting film. I can delete all the others! It’s a fun hobby!

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