1. Kary

    Good !! to see a blog of yours once again. I have really enjoyed for approx. one year or more of having an intelligent digital social life responding to your blogs. I hope with good intentions your new job and home is serving you well.

    When I was eighteen years old (1976), I held my first job as a dental assistant in the Air Force-stationed in Warner Robbins, GA. Golden rule one, never, ever, speak about politics or religion on the job was instilled into us young airmen. Ever since my Warner Robbins days I have always abided by that rule-now I am fifty-seven and never detoured from that advice

    I have only heard about the Great Pumpkin once and that was a very significant qty. of years in the past. As best as I can bring to memory, I was watching a Charlie Brown Halloween special. Charlie was announcing to everyone that on Halloween night the Great Pumpkin would rise in a given pumpkin patch. Of course there was no Great Pumpkin seen rising and Charlie was wrong once again. Cannot remember but I am sure Lucy once again called Charlie a blockhead and added he was completely hopeless. Should there be any other significance to the Great Pumpkin, I have no knowledge whatsoever of it. Perhaps, you or another blogger can render me a terse explanation.

    When I think of Halloween, one of the first thoughts I incur is serial killer Michael Meyers-the slasher. I am a mental health librarian and the Michael Meyers stigma is absolutely false. True, there are individuals who commit heinous murders who have serious mental health difficulties. But the overwhelmingly large number of individuals with psychoactive issues , who receive outpatient treatment are quickly absorbed back into society and gainfully employed as well. The Lord’s continued blessings on your new home, job. and continued posting of digital blogs for intelligent discussion.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, William. I will get back to the blog, but right now I am focusing energy on the new job, unpacking, and new school. I live this quote, by Linus, Lucy’s brother, because sometimes it’s the things we hold most dear that are the hardest to talk about in polite company. It’s also a bit tongue in cheek, because I adore talking about politics and religion with dear, dear friends. Blessings to you as well!

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